Turan Sevgili who was born in Erzurum/OItu in 1945 has completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Qorum and has been graduated from the Theology Faculty of Istanbul in 1967 and then from the textile department of The Faculty of Fine Arts of Mimar Sinan University.

He bagan practicing the art of calligraphy in 1963 under the direction of Hamit Ay tag, the deceased, who is one of the masters of the latest period. He obtained ratification (diploma) from him in the branch of various forms of calligraphy like Kufi, Sulus, Naskh, Talik, Divani and Celi Divani.

Turan Sevgili who was appointed to the Theology Faculty of Bursa in the academic year 1981-82 as the member of teaching staff in the branch of calligraphy taught calligraphy courses there for a definite period. Mr. Sevgili also writes calligraphy in Turkish for invitation cards and private orders and his Works of art may also be found in many private collectionsn and mosque inscriptions.

Koran written by the artist for the publishing house named Mektebet-ul Nahda-I Hadise in Saudi Arabia had attracted great attention. The artist who prepared an album which contains the portraits and Works of famous calligraphs is continuing his activities as a calligraph in Istanbul since 1963 and passing this art over to the next generations together with his students.

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