Saim Dursun was born in Elazığ in 1959. He finished Artvin Teacher’s High School in 1976 and Mardin Education Institute in 1979. He began studying painting with Hatice Yüksel at Artvin Teacher’s High School.  He studied painting in Istanbul and Paris between 1989 and 2003 with a support of Didier Vacher, with whom Dursun met at the Beyoğlu Municipality Art Gallery in 1989. Since then Dursun has had 44 solo exhibitions in Turkey and abroad.

1995 Le Grand Aigle d’or, Le val
1994 Diplome d’excellence - la medaille D’or ,Le val
1990 Citoyen d’honneur - la medaille D’or, Le val

Online Exhibitions:
2004, Terakki Foundation Art Gallery
2006, Bude Art Gallery
2007, Terakki Foundation Art Gallery
2008, Deyim Art Gallery

Selected Exhibitions:
2000, Dam Art Gallery, Bilkent, Ankara
2000, Escape Original, Montilivet, Bordeaux
2000, Galerie Le Moulin a Huile, Toulon
2000, Ortaköy Culture Center, Istanbul
2000, Dam Art Gallery, Bilkent, Ankara
2001, Orkun - Ozan Art Gallery, Antalya
2001, Ortaköy Culture Center, Istanbul
2002, Collection Art Gallery, Çırağan Palace, Istanbul
2003, T-S & G-S Art Gallery, Ankara
2003, Küyad Art Gallery, Istanbul
2003, Orkun - Ozan Art Gallery, Antalya
2004, Galeries d’Art de laure Française, Istanbul
2004, Terakki Foundation Art Gallery, Istanbul
2004, Altamira Art Gallery, Mersin
2005, Tüyap 15. Artist Fair, Istanbul
2005, Jazz Now Art Gallery, Bodrum
2006, Orkun - Ozan Art Gallery, Antalya
2006, Bude Art Gallery, Ankara
2007, Terakki Foundation Art Gallery, Istanbul
2007, Bude Art Gallery, Ankara
2008, Vakıfbank Atakule Art Gallery, Ankara
2008, Deyim Art Gallery, Istanbul


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