Ahmet Mahmut Peşteli was born in Bursa in 1971 and finished primary school in İnegöl. In 1982, he learned Arabic to become a hafız (one who has memorized the Koran) in the Fatih Camii Koran class. Later, he finished open-İmam Hatip (religious) high school and has continued his study at the Faculty of Theology, Anadolu University since 2003.


He started his ebru (marbling) by taking a class from ebru master, Yılmaz Eneş. Ahmet Mahmut Peşteli won the 13th State Competition of Turkish Decorative Art. Working in vocational religious studies at the Küçükayasofya Mosque, he continues ebru at the workshop of Küçükayasofya Mosque Hüseyin Ağa Madrasa.


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