He was born in Istanbul in 1978. He settled in Istanbul after graduating from the primary school. He finished his secondary and high school education and then was educated in the islamic and arabic sciences. During his education life that lasted 12 years he examined the examples of old calligraphy Works in 1992 and began pracitcing sulus and naskh type of calligraphy under the direction of the calligraphist and marbling expert Fuat BAŞAR in 1995.1.

He got a ratification in 2003 and offered his original Works of art to the art lovers through the exhibitions that he opened at home and abroad. He taught calligraphy in various establishments and institutions. He evaluates the art of calligraphy as a science of lines from the aesthetic point of view and makes research studies and investigations in this field.

His Works are included in many private colections at home and abroad. He removed the defects in the Works of art described below either through restoration, rectification or imitation: t I 136 hilye-i serif most of which are designed differently from one another, approximately 50 stackings, approximately 50 pieces of Koran including those written by the masters Nike Şekerzade Mehmet Efendi and Dervish Aga. Levent Karaduman who followed the school of Sami Efendi in the art of celi-sulus and the school of Mehmet Sevki Efendi in the art of sulus- naksh had made 18 new basmala stackings in addition to the approximately 1000 basmala stackings that have been made throughout the history. The artist has also some Works inscipted in various mosques, fountains, islamic monasteries and shrines. The artist continues to produce modern and contemporary Works of art in line with the classical art of calligraphy.


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