İsmail ACAR


İsmail Acar was born in Sivas-Suşehri in 1971. He entered the Fine Arts Faculty of Marmara University in 1988 and studied painting. He graduated from Prof. Ergin Inan Studio in 1992 with a distinction. He continued his study on "Technology and Arts" and received master′s degree at his alma mater in 1993. He has had numerous solo exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions within Turkey and abroad. Some of his artworks are in museums and private collections in all of European countries, America, Canada, Mexico, and all of the Arabian peninsula as well as Russia, Moldavia, Ukraine, all the Turkic Republics, China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan.

Important solo exhibitions:
1992- Zebra Art Gallery,Istanbul
1993- Bosna Exhibition, London
1993- Gar Art Gallery, Ankara
1994- Traditional Form I, Çırağan Palace, Istanbul
1994- Traditional Form II, Aya İrine, Istanbul
1995- Traditional Form III, Yerebatan, Istanbul
1996- Traditional Form IV, Topkapı Palace, Istanbul
1996- Habitat, Caricature Museum, Istanbul
1996- Falez Gallery, Antalya
1996- Turkuaz Gallery, Ankara
1997- Turkuaz Gallery, Ankara
1998- Turkuaz Gallery, Ankara
1998- National Education Center, Sivas
1999- Hagia Sophia and Imaginary Projections, Hagia Sofia Museum, Istanbul
1999- Acar and Hagia Sofia Documentary
2000- Rakkase, Maxim, Istanbul
2000- National Struggle of Women, Atatürk Culture Center, Istanbul
2000- Rose, El Turco Art Gallery, Istanbul
2000- Turkuaz Gallery, Ankara
2001- Pomegranate, Toprak Art Gallery, Istanbul
2001- Turkuaz Gallery, Ankara
2002- Parliament of Europe, Strasbourg
2002- Caftan, KÜSAV, Istanbul
2002- Pomegranate, Rose, Tulip, Watermelon, Toprak Art Gallery, Istanbul
2002- Dervish, Çağla Cabaoglu Art Gallery, Galata Mevlevihanesi, Istanbul
2003- Watermelon, Cream Art Gallery, Istanbul
2003- Traditional Form V, Davos
2003- Traditional Form VI, Tokyo
2004- Traditional Form VII, Toprak Art Gallery, Istanbul
2004- Konak Pier, Izmir
2004- The Portraits of Sultans, Topkapı Palace, Istanbul
2005- International Venezia Biennale ‘Red Room, White Room’ Instituto Veneto di Sicienze lettere d’Art, Venice “Sultan’s Enstalation”: Installition on the facade of the Museum of Natural History, Venice and 22 different places on the Grand Canal, Venice
2005- Objects, Champs Elysees, Paris
2006- International Tulip Festival, Topkapı Palace, Istanbul
2006- Jma Art Gallery, Vienna
2006- Gaudi Gallery, Barcelona
2006- NY Art Magazine Press Miami Art Bassel
2007- International Tulip Festival, Topkapı Palace, Istanbul
2007- Floransa Biennale
2007- Gods and Kings of Anatolia, National Gallery, Macedonia
2008- ‘Eclectic’, Çıragan Palace, Istanbul
2008- Gods and Kings of Anatolia, Meem Gallery, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
2008- Multi Angle, Manezh Grand Salon, Moscow, Russia
2008- International Istanbul Tulip Festival, Tulip Exhibition, Yıldız Palace, Istanbul

1991, International Genuine Print Award
2004, The Artist of the year
2005, The Artist of the year
2007, Florence International Contemporary Arts Biennial Award
2009, Florence International Contemporary Arts Biennial Award, the first prize and gold medal


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