He was born in Erzurum in 1937. He was on duty as imam and Islamic preacher for a period. He practiced calligraphy under the direction of the calligraphist Halim Ozyazici, Hamit Aytag and Kemal Batanay. He got a ratification for Sulus and Naskh from Hamit Bey in 1975 and for talik and rika types of calligraphy from Kemal Bey in 1981.

He was appointed to Erzurum inl977 to write the calligraphic Works of the Teology Mosque of Ataturk University, to Ceddah in 1981'de to write the calligraphic Works in the building of Islamic Conference Organization and to Medina to restore the calligraphic Works in Mescidi Nebi in 1983. He opened his first personal exhibition in i the research center for the historyi art and culture of Islam (IRCICA) in 1982.. This was followed by the exhibition in Kuala Lumpur (Malesia) in 1984 and the exhibition in Amman to which he had gone with the invitation of the Jordanian Prince Hasan B. Tallal, in 1985. He stayed ,n Medina for a period of one year in 1987 for the purpose of writing the calligraphic Works of the mosque of Kuba. He was invited to Kuala Lumpur by the Malesian Islamic Culture Center in 1992. He opened the exhibition titled "30. Year in the art of calligraphy in IRCICA" in 1994. Besides he participated in numerous mixed exhibitions with the subject of the classical handicrafts, both at home and abroad.

He continued giving calligraphy courses since 1976 and ratified a total number of 52 students both from Turkey and abroad.

The Works described below bears the signature of Hasan Celebi: Inscriptions on the restored dome of Sultanahmet Mosque; inscriptions on the dome of the Hirkai Serif Mosque, some inscriptions on the Friday Mosque, Kibleteyn Mosque and the newly built sections of Nebi Mosque, inscriptions on the internal and external facades of the Islamic medical center in Kuwait (1986), belt inscriptions of a mosque in Holland, inscriptions of the Pfortzheim Fatih Mosque in Germany (1991), Yuhannesburg Cuma Mosque (South Africa 1997) and Almati Cuma Mosque (Kazakhistan 1999). Celebi has further Works in many domestic and foreign collections and is a member of the jury committee of the international calligraphy competitions organized by IRCICA every three year. He was awarded "Silver Tulip" by the Association of Traditional Arts in the Convention of Fine Arts held in. 2007 as a sign of his contributions to the art of calligraphy..

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